creating an eco-friendly world with moss

there's no time to delay earth's moss-makeover



mossaic = moss + mosaic

mossaic was founded with a focus on reducing carbon emissions and filtering pollutants with moss as a primary asset.

with the elements of earth piecing together like a mosaic, and moss blanketing many spaces around the earth, our name has the best of both worlds.

we are 501(c)(3) certified and fiscally sponsored by hack+.

learn more about who we are below.

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our team aspires to see notable change by developing cutting-edge alternatives to everyday products using moss-based solutions.

since moss requires little to no maintenance and is highly effective, we believe our initiative can be a considerable asset in reversing the effects of greenhouse gases.

the hourglass on our landing page— and our logo— is representative of the damage our planet has already undertaken and the thin margin of time remaining to reverse it.



moss, that seemingly annoying shrub growing everywhere, has a substantial role in reducing carbon emissions.

moss reduces carbon emissions by absorbing carbon dioxide and filtering other toxic pollutants that range from the size of .1 microns to 10 microns.

we use a genus of moss called sphagnum (i.e. peat moss) due to its superior filtration of toxic pollutants. 

not so annoying after all.

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  • Fatima khawaja headshot
    Fatima Khawaja (she/her)

    fatima is critical of the damage everyday activities arouse. she is passionate about the intersection of tech, climate change, and creativity to forge new solutions.

  • Shana Liu (she/her)

    shana is a big proponent of eco-friendliness. she has a deep interest in reimagining invasive greenery to becoming sustainable and cost-effective products.

the first project is on its way! keep your eyes peeled 👀 

  • we are currently working with cities in the bay to implement moss infrastructure

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